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Totalcrime is a crime website/blog which was founded by Chris Summers, who will be appearing as a guest at Crimecon UK in June 2021. If you quote TOTAL when purchasing your Crimecon tickets you will be entitled to a 10% discount. https://www.seetickets.com/tour/crimecon-uk?lang=en-GB

Chris is an experienced crime reporter who started out in local newspapers in 1990 and got his big break when covering the Fred and Rose West murders at the Gloucester Citizen. He covered the trial at Winchester Crown Court and put together a special supplement which was published after Rose was convicted.

He spent 18 years at the BBC before leaving and in that time interviewed Stanley “Tookie” Williams (co-founder of The Crips) on Death Row at San Quentin – Williams was executed two years later – and also met the “Rettendon Two” (Jack Whomes and Mick Steele) in prison while researching the alleged miscarriage of justice they suffered.

Among the trials he covered were the Securitas Robbery case, the Operation Crevice terrorism trial and the trial of the 21 July 2005 London failed suicide bombers.

He left the BBC in 2015 but works as a journalist and broadcaster and is looking to enter the world of true crime podcasting.

Totalcrime is a compilation of databases created by and curated by Chris Summers, from his own records. They remain his copyright.

Totalcrime welcomes contributions from the public. If you believe you have a true crime story which deserves exposure, contact Chris.

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